What makes a house a home?  Being a realtor I help people buy and sell houses, but part of that is figuring out what makes their house a home.    I asked a few people what makes a house a home and here are some of their answers:

Lisa T.

Home to me means…safe, comfort, escape, and recharge…it is MY space.  It shelters my most important things, my family.


Diana B.

Home is a place where I can go and feel relaxed, comfortable, and I can call it my own.



What my home means to me… Stability, responsibilities, togetherness, memories, hard time, a place to believe in, family, grandchildren, blessings, much love and laughter.


Roger C.

Home to me means a lot. First and foremost it means family.  It is also an oasis, comfort zone and safe, the definition of you, love, lots of fun work, loud, hectic, crazy yet quiet, peaceful and serene.  It is memories, yummy food and BBQ’s, kids, big comfy bed, and familiar scents.


Diane G.

They say home is where you hang your hat.  My home however is anywhere my husband is.  Whether we’re in Ramona in our house, or traveling the many states we’ve been to for work.  As long as he is by my side home can be anywhere.


Susan M.

Home is family!


Paula M.

Home is anywhere that my family is. It means love and laughter while making life long memories. It is my safe haven from the world and uncertainty. It means that my life has been blessed with so many riches and I thank God every day for how wonderful my life has been and continues to be. Home is where my whole life exists and I don't have to worry about what is happening outside of that haven. Home is not a particular place, but what exists in my heart.

As you can see home means something different to everyone.  What does home mean to you?  Have you found the place you call home?  Call me today and let me help you find a house that means home to you!