With summer months right upon us you may be not so eagerly anticipating what comes along with these warm days.  And let’s face it, it gets extremely HOT in Ramona!  Whether it be soaring energy bills, walking into a hot house when you get home from work, or cooking in a sauna.  None of these things sound overly exciting to me.  When it comes to the summer months there are some things that we can do to avoid the pitfalls that the warmth of the season brings. 

 Here are some helpful tips to keep your home cool during the hottest months of the year:


1.       Keep your house closed up – Having the shutters or drapes closed during the day will help keep a significant amount of heat out of your house during the day.  I know that this seems like something obvious that everyone is doing but are you really doing it?  My house has all of the shutters closed and still the house gets pretty warm.  One day I realized that a lot of the heat coming in the house in the late afternoon was coming from the bathroom.   If I didn’t close the shower curtain or shut the bathroom door when I left for the day the house would be at least a few degrees warmer.  Just that simple act of pulling the shower curtain closed and then making sure that I’ve closed the bathroom door as I walk out of the house in the morning makes a huge difference.  Are there any rooms that you may “forget” to close up?

2.       Don’t run appliances during the day - Wash and dry your clothes at night or in the early morning.  Do you have a clothes line?  By hanging your clothes out on the line the old fashioned way you will not only be keeping your home cooler but also save energy.   Do you use your dishwasher on the daily?  Then run that baby after the lights are out at night.  This will help keep some of the humidity out of the air that your dishwasher emits into it. 

3.       Grill your food! -  Grilling outdoors is fun but also keeps a lot of heat out of the house.  If you have to cook in the house cover pots, this will keep some humidity out of the air. Use the vent fan to vent out some of the hot air. Use that trusty microwave that comes in so handy, or do what we do and head out to one of our favorite restaurants and enjoy their good food and AC.

4.       Turn your electronics off when not in use - This is a big one.  What we sometimes don’t realize is that our electronics can generate a fair amount of heat even when sitting shut off.  One easy fix to this is to have your electronics plugged into a surge protector.  If your TV, DVD and Stereo are all plugged into the surge protector you can simply turn the switch off at night when you are done using them.

5.       Change your air conditioner filters - If your air conditioner runs a lot through the summer months it would probably be a good idea to take a look at your air conditioner filters.  By changing these filters air will flow better through your HVAC system.

6.       Skimp on the hot water – Have you noticed how much humidity is created when taking a hot shower?  Why not take a cooler shorter shower?  By taking a cooler shower and using less water you will reduce the humidity in your house and also conserve water at the same time.  It’s a win win!

7.       Open the house up as the sun goes down and use ceiling fans to pump out the hot air.  This can really reduce a lot of the heat in your home and help save you from having to turn on the AC.  If you are lucky enough to have an attic fan, be sure to turn it on.  By eliminating hot air from the attic you will lower the overall temperature in your home.


These are just a few simple things that you can do to lower the heat in your home without having to crank up the AC or your electric bill.  By simply making a few changes you can make a huge impact on your energy bill and keep cooler in the process.