I hope that what you are finding when you come to my website is information that you either didn’t know before about your community and some information that you can use.  It is my hope that what is being published here is of value to you.  I know that it can be a little overwhelming when people move to a new community and are trying to get to know the lay of the land, what Facebook groups to join to get the most and best neighborhood information, and where to go to get the best of everything.  I’m hoping that these posts are helping with that.  As well as giving you a little bit of Ramona history. 


The other thing I really want to do is put some focus on our local businesses.  These businesses are what keep Ramona thriving.  However, the businesses cannot thrive without you.  Shop local.  Support your neighbors.  They rely on the community to keep them in business.

Today, I would love to re-introduce you to Sun Valley Florist.  Sun Valley Florist is owned by Frankie Berkley Newberg and is located in Affordable Treasures at the Old Ramona Center (The old Ramona Pharmacy) at 677 Main St.  I asked Frankie if she could give me a little bit of her history in Ramona and her history with Sun Valley Florist, here is what she had to say:

“Owning Sun Valley Florist in Ramona for the past four years has been one of the biggest joys in my life.  

I have been doing floral design for 48 years since I was 16, and it has turned out to be my passion.

My four children were raised in Ramona.  While I home schooled them as a stay at home mom I also took in upholstery, did child care and worked very part time at the local florists.  I also taught fitness at Ramona Fitness Center and Grace Community Church and I taught Art at Buckles and Bows.


I later became a Flight Attendant for American Airlines.  At the age of 45 I moved to Nashville, TN and was blessed with becoming Opryland Hotels main Floral Event Manager for two years.  I have to say that it was the most challenging job I have ever had.  I painted 12 murals in the Nashville area.


I moved back to San Diego because my mother was ill. It was then that I began working at Wholesale Flowers as a designer.  Over the next three years my mother, father, brother and husband all passed away.  Before my husband passed away I bought Sun Valley Florist.  Ramona has always felt like home to me so my choice to purchase the shop was a dream come true.


Ramona has been very good to my business.  Summer can be a bit slow but the momentum has kept up enough to keep our doors open.


I loved my shop at 758 Main St which was decked out with a 6 foot fountain and a mountain of gift items.  Sadly I had to move out of that great location as the building my shop was in was sold.   I was lucky enough to be able to move to my current location but it still breaks my heart thinking about the fact that I had to move.


I truly hope you will get a chance to enjoy one of my designs personally. I put my heart and soul into each arrangement that I create.


I want to thank everyone in Ramona who shops local and supports my dream.”


Sun Valley Florist is really a huge asset to our community. It appears that most of you would agree!  Just yesterday Frankie received word that you (the amazing people of Ramona) voted Sun Valley Florist as The Best Florist and Favorite Florist in Ramona!  In fact, Sun Valley Florist has won this award for four years in a row.  Wow!! How awesome is that!! Great job Frankie and Sun Valley Florist!  This is a well-deserved honor!


What I really love about doing these business features is that I get a firsthand look at our local residents who are living out their dreams.  How fortunate are we that they are living out their dreams here is Ramona and bringing their services and talents to you and me.



Please do me a favor and head over to Sun Valley Florist’s Facebook page and “Like” it!  Support our local businesses.  Call Sun Valley Florist, and take a minute to smell the roses! :) 

Thank you for helping me support Ramona and our local businesses!