Are you thinking about buying a new home and wondering whether you should hit up all of the local open houses or not? Well that depends on a few things are you looking to buy now or looking to buy later?
Serious, ready to buy Buyers should prefer private showings for a few reasons:
1. It's uninterrupted showing with only you in the home with your agent. You are not distracted with other families going through the home and not getting interrupted if you have questions, which, by the way, may not even be answered well or at all by the agent holding the open house as some busy list agents farm out their open houses to brand new agents who are trying to get a book of business- so they don't have any intimate knowledge of the house anyway.
2. An open house is generally held open by the seller's agent. The agent works for and has fiduciary duty to the SELLER. They are not going to be pointing out anything but how wonderful this house is. If you are working with a good Buyer's Representative and have a signed buyer agreement with them then you have your own advocate. Your agent will point out all things about the home- good and bad, things you may not have noticed. They will also do a proper market analysis for you and give you guidance on proper pricing, what it may cost to have certain items fixed or updated etc; whereas the listing agent may brush over some of your concerns as 'not a big deal' because their duty is to the seller.
3. A smart buyer will have chosen their agent to represent them as a buyer, in a client/agent agreement so that agent will spend the time educating, helping to choose properties to see based on the client's criteria and purchasing power, and will help with providing objective guidance when it comes to making a decision on whether or not that house is "the one" and what to offer and how to prepare the offer and present it to the seller etc.
Of course, none of this matters if you are "just looking" as a possible buyer for or thinking of purchasing a home in a few months and you're just curious as to what's out there. There are some buyers that think it's better to just go look at everything on open houses and then tell their agent when they find something they like (I have heard them say, "I don't want to bother my agent until I find something"; remember you are paying your agent to work for you. A good agent does not mind showing you homes. Also your realtor will have a better idea of what homes suit your individual needs based on the information you have given them. In my opinion, if you are a serious ready buyer then your agent should be giving you the time you need with them to assist you in choosing and viewing all properties that meet your criteria.
If you are interested in buying a home whether it be now or a few months down the road, please give me a call today. My team and I are ready to assist you find the home of your dreams!
Have a great weekend!