Many years ago I remember when a small coffee shop opened up in Ramona.  It was unlike other places in town as it offered outdoor seating and a great location. Packards has gone through changes over the years.  They expanded and opened a small restaurant/coffee shop where Da Tuna Shack is now.  While Packards Pluss is not here today, we still have our original coffee hang out Packards.  In 2009 Packards was taken over by Nora Seidl.  Since then we have seen some changes, crepes on the weekends (Umm YUM!!) Santa at Christmas, the Easter Bunny at Easter, their Whoviann events, and lots of  other cool things that bring Packards loyals back again and again!  

I asked Nora to tell me a little about her history with Ramona and Packards.  Let me share a little of what she had to say.

"When my husband and I were first married over 30 years ago, I went Downtown and I saw all of these cool coffee carts popping up.  I loved the idea of having a coffee cart.  I went home one night and told my husband that I wanted one.  He promptly told me NO, he went on to say that no one was going to pay a lot of money for coffee (if we only knew then what we know now), he could have also said no because he doesn't drink coffee.  So I guess you could say I dreamed of opening a coffee shop for a long time.  When I was a little girl we always seemed to have coffee brewing and fresh Mexican bread.  My grandma made the best coffee, I remember asking her once why her coffee was so good.  You see she made her coffee a special way, or unconventional way you could say.  She would use stockings (pantyhose) and cut them to use as a filter for the coffee. The day that I asked her why her coffee was so good she told me it was because she wore the stockings a couple of days before she used them for the coffee.  I just about died.  She was joking of course.  She only used new stockings, but I will never forget that day or her great coffee.  My mother also made great coffee, hers was brewed from a Mr. Coffee Machine.  When my parents passed away years later, everyone wanted that coffee pot.

My husband and I moved to Ramona in 1993 from Poway.  My husband was stationed in Long Beach and we wanted a nice community to raise our three daughters (Alexis, Dominique and Samantha).  We love Ramona and we have been lucky enough to be a part of many different organizations here, Ramona Girls Softball, 4-H and many more.  As our girls got older I decided that I wanted to be closer to Ramona so I could always be there for them.  We opened Seidl's in 1999, and I have been here working ever since.  In 2009 I had the good fortune of being in the right place at the right time, and I was able see my dream come true.  We took over Packards and the rest is history.  I love Packards!  I love that it has been a part of Ramona for over 22 years and that we provide our customers with the best coffee in town!  When we moved to Ramona Packards was my go to coffee shop and now it is mine. I love to provide a variety of drinks with what we have.  There is no reason to limit yourself to just what is on a menu or to what they want you to have.  Lots of people love Pumpkin Spice and at other places that is just a season flavor, but if people love something why not offer it all the time?  Here we offer those flavors all the time.  Not just on the holidays.  We are also a  registered Veteran owned business. Packards holds a lot of memories for me as I am sure that it holds a lot of memories for many other people. We love our customers!  They have truly become our friends.  "

Packards is truly a special place. Did you know that Packards is the only coffee shop that carries organic coffee and espresso that is locally roasted? I love that!  I also love how Nora and her team embrace the community.  I would love to show Nora and Packards some love this weekend.  Can you help me with that please?  Head to Packards this weekend and grab a cup of coffee or a crepe or anything and tell them that you are there to "spread the love" and then you will be entered into our drawing for a fun goodie basket!  

Here are some of the great things you can get at Packards!

And don't forget about their crepes!!! You can get them there this weekend!!!

Don't forget, it takes a village.  It takes all of us to support our local businesses so we can be sure that they can continue to be here for us!  Please take a minute and if you haven't already, please "Like" Packards Coffee Shop on Facebook!  #shoplocal #staylocal #spreadthelove

Have a great weekend friends!